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Think POW! It’s the POW’r, as in the thing that goes POW.


There’s a lot of content here. Read as much or as little of it as you need to in order to get the concept.


POWr is a service that helps consumers fight back when they have been wronged | abused | cheated | scammed | otherwise treated unfairly by companies. The central thesis is that in that situation, people will be willing to pay to strike back.

Customers are more or less powerless to fight back because companies are much better organised, much better resourced, and much more deeply invested. So, we make it easy to take action. You spend money, you buy action. We’re not selling resolution or promising to change the situation, we just help you fight back.

The idea is to focus around a “campaign page” or “review page” or “experience page”. The user writes their experience, ideally as concisely as possible. Then we make it super easy to do 2 things. First, to share it all over social media. Second, perhaps even more important, the page measures it’s own “impact”. How many people have been shared to. How many people have clicked, how many people have engaged, etc.

At the first level, a user might pay $9. We create the campaign page and then we run ads. We show the message to 4k people for their $9. We track that on the page. We also notify the company via twitter, email, and so on.

Shining a light

The essence of the concept is to shine a light on mistreatment of customers, and to make that as easy as possible for the user, and charge for it. Of course anyone can write a review, and can post a tweet, and so on. In many cases customers could even take legal action themselves against a company, but it’s most likely far too time consuming to be worth it. The concept of POWr is to make the process quick and easy.

Write your grievance, choose your package, pay, then watch the metrics roll in.

Copy brainstorming

Here’s some brainstorming we did around landing page copy.

  • Pay money, fight back
  • Take back your POWr
  • Fight back
  • Take action
  • Defend your rights
  • Make them bleed
What is POWr?
We make it easy to fight back against corporate injustice.
Been wronged (screwed, f***ed) by a company?
– We make it easy to fight back
Simple. Brand damage.
Simple. Spread the word.
We live in the age of reputation. Tell your story. Take action. Fight back.
  • Wronged
  • Cheated
  • F***ed
  • Screwed
  • Abused
Wronged by a company?
POWr makes it easy to tell your story
  • Tell your story
  • Fight back
  • Kick up a fuss
  • Tell the world
  • Warn your peers
  • Fight for justice
Have you been cheated by a company?
Have you been cheated by a corporation?

Offer brainstorming

The simplest option is to run ads. Got a grievance, we’ll get the word out to 4’000 ASAP for $9. What do you get in the $29 or $99 packages? We’ve been brainstorming on that via trello here. Some of the coolest ideas include having a song written about the CEO of the company and posted to YouTube, or having the CEO served with the user’s complaint letter.

If you have other ideas about services we could offer, we’d love to hear them during your first interview.