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Micro Incubator

We’re starting an in house micro incubator. We provide cash, tech, admin, and we have a pool of ideas ready to go. We’re hiring for traction.

Position: Tractioneer

We’re a highly profitable, two person development agency. We took 6 clients from idea to launched in our first year. Between us, we were founders at 6 of our own startups before that. The theory is to take all those lessons and apply them to our own micro incubator.

Salary: Cash + Equity

In the early days, expect to make rent, expect to make bank when traction is going wild. Think joining a startup somewhere between cofounder and employee zero.


Required education: none
Required experience: none
Start date: today

We don’t care if or where you went to school, what grades you got, or what work experience you have. If you’ve done traction stuff before, that’s obviously a bonus. Bottom line, we only care about your performance. There’s no manual for this stuff, you make it up as you go, you test, you iterate, you improve. We’ve designed the application process to try and test your ability. It’s obviously imperfect. You should feel absolutely free to tell us how we could do better, the more frankly and directly the better.

We absolutely do not care about hype, bullshit, or otherwise. We never want to see your CV. We care about results. Nothing more, nothing less.

Interested? Here’s the application process.

First round

  1. Read the description of the first idea here
  2. Prepare a 60 second elevator pitch for that idea
  3. Book a 10 minute pitch & first interview slot here

Second round

  1. Read Traction
  2. Recruit at least 1, ideally 2 people to help
  3. Follow the bullseye brainstorming process for the idea above
  4. Book a 90 minute session to present your traction ideas here

If you’re selected for round 2 we’ll send you a detailed brief explaining the process in more detail, outlining the budget, and so on.