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Yesterday announced that they’re closing down. Tough for their customers. We were considering using parse just a couple of days ago. Now glad that we didn’t, would have been embarrassing to go back to a client three days later and say that we’ll have to swap it out.

During that decision process, the one thing we didn’t consider was exactly this. It’s easy to forget that companies get acquired, companies close down, commercial goals change. This is one of the strongest arguments for open source technologies.

As a company who’s deeply invested in meteor, we can relax. The whole stack is open source, if the company behind meteor disappears tomorrow, our projects will be unaffected. We’re mostly hosted on AWS, but only using their standard servers, none of their proprietary APIs.

Our thoughts go out to the poor companies and developers who are built on top of parse. If you’re looking for an alternative, you might consider using the DDP protocol from the meteor project. Libraries exist for most languages, and it’s open source, top to bottom…

Open Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
No one ever says, “Sorry we’re open”

Open Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry