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Stopped by the head office of the great and fabulous folks at Meteor on 10th Street. Nice. Lunch for cast and crew, rooms to crash out in, yoga on the roof, and of course space and light to hack and be creative. Nick Coe gave me the grand tour, which was much appreciated. Also got to talk about some of the logistics for doing a European Meteor development conference, or an un-conference. Short version is, they are enthusiastic about the idea and did we know it may be a fuck ton of work? I think he really said something along the lines of, there’s a lot to do in setting up a successful conference…

Was also there for their monthly meetup, which was great because I got to see how they operate. Pretty well orchestrated and the speakers all had some pretty good presentations. They ran I tight ship, with people keeping to their allotted times, speakers repeating questions before answering for Q & A. All filmed and available, and actually quite worth the watch. Among all the presentations they also showed the finalists from the Meteor hackathon. Think those will get an airing up our way as well. Here’s a taste of one visualling appealing winner. A toy train, controlled by a Raspberry Pi, running Meteor for the UI.

Oh, and they said good things are going on in Berlin.