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Is it just me, or is setting up a startup in Berlin a very unagile experience? Third time at the bank for another round of signatures for this or that missing. It seems like hundreds of signatures so far, pages and pages of forest massacred in the name of what, I’m not sure. And woe to ye that try and open a company with any kind of international structure, or to try to do it quickly.

Superlumen Ltd formed in the UK on a Sunday night online, for around 16£. German UG, we are weeks into it with lawyer fees, multiple meetings and phone calls. They wouldn’t even let us found with the name superlumen least it might confuse people into thinking we sell lights. Not even if we called it superlumen software development. So we had to register an entirely different name in German for legal purposes.

And today with the bank, almost an hour lost on the phone and then in person trying to answer what kind of apps we build. “Specifically, what kind of apps, exactly for what industry?” I tried to use the analogy of an architect that maybe does commercial or residential, but then if the architect did commercial work, it was kind of wide open. Bad choice of analogies, they said some architects design storefronts, others design public squares, others factories, others restaurants, others department stores….